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•Two- time Gold Disc artist

•TED (Talk) 2013 presenter/ Long Beach, CA

•Prize winner of several international music competitions

•Honorary ambassador of Korean national committee UNESCO, and Yeosu World Expo

•Vice president of jury at the Malta International Music Competition in Europe

Ji-Hae Park

Artist | Musician

Born and raised in Mainz Germany, Ji-Hae Park is a World Class violinist who artfully bridges art, inspiration and technology.

Ji-Hae first began music studies (at age 6) with her mother, Lee Yeun-Hong, who is also a violinist. The name “Ji-Hae” is derived from Sino-Korean and means “wisdom, knowledge, intelligence”. Ji-Hae lives up to her name and has a genuine affection for people which is demonstrated both in prestigious, concert halls throughout the world and as she ministers to the sick and shut-in in hospitals, nursing homes, and orphanages.

She brings the same level of artistic excellence whether performing at the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, or a store front church. Journalists have described her as a “Live Empress” with a bow drawing people’s wounded hearts…a healing artist who delivers the energy of healing through her music!

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Ji-Hae Park


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