Lynn Wein McCoy

Evangelist | Lecturer | Educator Cooking Show Host

Lynn is a native of Hartford, Connecticut and was raised in a religious, Jewish household. She and her family were members of an Orthodox synagogue where Lynn participated in Jewish youth groups and distinguished herself as salutatorian of her Hebrew class.
She studied Psychology at the University of Hartford and encountered a Jewish Believer in Jesus Christ at a meeting who delivered a compelling testimony about coming to faith in Jesus. She was profoundly touched by the presentation and began digging through Bible scriptures for answers. A month later, Lynn made a profession of faith in Jesus!

Lynn was accepted into the Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of World Missions earning a Master’s degree in Cross Cultural Studies. She has faithfully served in Jewish evangelism since 1987. Lynn has been an integral part of the Messianic movement in the 1980s through the 1990s and has a rekindled fervor for the 21st Century.

She has battled for religious “freedom of speech” and has even been arrested several times both in the United States and Israel for proclaiming her faith. It is noteworthy that all arrests were deemed illegal on the part of law enforcement. Nevertheless, Lynn remains steadfast and immoveable and has asserted, “Even if it becomes illegal to proclaim Jesus, she will become an outlaw for Christ.”

Lynn has been a featured speaker at hundreds of churches and organizations throughout the country sharing her testimony, participating in Jewish Evangelism seminars, and highlighting the roots of our Christian faith. She previously served with Jews for Jesus for 33 years, and is currently a full-time missionary with Rock of Israel.

In addition to preaching and teaching in churches, she has a virtual cooking show on Facebook called Taste of Wein, where she always finds ingenious ways to incorporate her testimony of faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as her Messiah. Lynn has been married to Wayman McCoy, an accomplished violinist and business development specialist, since 1999. They currently reside in the Washington DC metropolitan area.