Social Care Projects

In addition to igniting careers, promoting quality entertainment productions, and bringing creative ideas to life, NOTREVO is privileged and dedicated to serving mankind through varied social and humanitarian initiatives.

Ghana Relief Efforts

NOTREVO Creative Services LLC is a consultant and financial sponsor to Muslim Imam Yusif Diaby who literally saves lives in the Central Abekuma Constituency, Mabrouk Electra areas of Accra Ghana by financing and building shallow, freshwater wells for villages who are subject to drinking and bathing in tainted water which often causes severe and catastrophic illness or death.

Imam Diaby also provides meals for destitute villages as well as incarcerated inmates who receive little or no daily nutritional sustenance from the prisons which hold them.

Finally, with the orphan population continuing to grow in Ghana as well as other parts of the world, the renovation of abandoned or damaged residential structures for street children who need shelter and safety from the streets of Ghana rounds out the powerful humanitarian efforts of this selfless hero.

Reentry Support Services for Incarcerated Delaware Residents

PIRCOD (Partnership in Reentry Coalition of Delaware) has invited NOTREVO to partner as a consultant to assist in the strategic planning, design and implementation of programs and systems which support the effective transition of formally incarcerated men and women back into Delaware communities. This organization also provides support and advocacy services to the families of the incarcerated who often are severely and adversely affected by the absence of a parent, provider, or sibling.
Partnership in Reentry Coalition of Delaware, (PIRCOD) is creating educational awareness in our communities around the significance of reducing recidivism and mitigating the barriers associated with addiction, homelessness, behavioral health, domestic violence, employment, etc., which impacts one’s ability to successfully transition into their perspective communities.

Esteem Building Through the Arts

(Freeport, Grand Bahama)
Partnering with client (vocalist and actress Judy Peterson) NOTREVO has help set the foundation for bringing formal cultural arts education and training to this beautiful Caribbean paradise which is rich in In its own culture.
The initial cornerstone for a more comprehensive plan was laid in 2017 through the presentation of the Judy Peterson Shine Bright Seminar, which provided the opportunity for us to assist in planning, developing, and presenting a self- esteem seminar to over 400 youth ages 14- 17 in two schools on the island. While the COVID epidemic and aftermath of two major hurricanes has slowed our efforts, we have resumed our strategic planning to continue to move this important mission forward.