Artist Representation

A wise person, once said; “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” While we would never refer to artists as fools (smile), we do feel that this truth also applies to entertainment representation. A knowledgeable, diligent , and organized representative can benefit greatly as you grow your career.

Artist Development

“Many are called, but few are chosen” (bible quote). With the explosion of technology, arts entertainment and creative expression can be presented to the masses at the press of a button. Serving the steak while it still has the sizzle takes a great deal of experience, skill and timing. Let us serve you to the world when you are confidently prepared.


In the beginning, most artists must be chief, cook and bottle washer to make things happen. As your notoriety and earning potential rises, a team concept of career management invariably is the most effective way to go. A booking agent is a key component of this management team concept.

Creative Consultation

Every performer is unique and so is every performance venue. Whether it is TV, Radio, studio, live stage, pre- recorded or on a sound stage, you need someone who has been there already. NOTREVO can turn a simple event idea into a full production plan resulting in an acclaimed performance which will delight audiences and propel careers!

Events Production Management

Let someone take on some of the pre- production planning and performance night burden. Let us watch the house while the house watches you in admiration and amazement! We can do it all or facilitate your desired level of hands-on involvement as partners equally invested into the goal of creating a great performance!

Recording Production Management

We can do everything from choosing the right producer, songwriter, studio and engineer, to planning the day’s recording itinerary and photo shoot with makeup artist, food service and transportation from the hotel to the session and then to the airport for your flight to the Grammy Awards!